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Convent Stone White Porcelain

Porcelain Floor Tiles

Whether it’s an inviting hallway, practical kitchen, or family bathroom, discover our handpicked, curated selection of porcelain floor tiles Our Italian/Spanish-made porcelain tiles for the floor are durable, easy to clean, and non-slip. Polished porcelain floor tiles can be slippery when wet and walked on with bare feet Pictured are our August Greige porcelain tiles to suit for bathrooms, kitchens, and hallways

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Convent Stone White PorcelainConvent Stone White Porcelain
Convent Stone White Porcelain£38.31 / m2
August Whitesmoke PorcelainAugust Whitesmoke Porcelain
August Whitesmoke Porcelain£41.59 / m2
Crosby Stone Greige Crosby Stone Greige
Crosby Stone Greige £67.97 / m2
Eccitare Terrazzo WhiteEccitare Terrazzo White
Eccitare Terrazzo White£71.37 / m2
Eccitare Terrazzo IvoryEccitare Terrazzo Ivory
Eccitare Terrazzo Ivory£71.37 / m2
Jameson Grey Wood EffectJameson Grey Wood Effect
Jameson Grey Wood Effect£33.98 / m2
Canary Onyx WhiteCanary Onyx White
Canary Onyx White£76.99 / m2
Jameson Oak Wood EffectJameson Oak Wood Effect
Jameson Oak Wood Effect£40.40 / m2
Saint Stone WhiteSaint Stone White
Saint Stone White£41.15 / m2
Oxnard Porcelain TilesOxnard Porcelain Tiles
Oxnard Porcelain Tiles£76.99 / m2
Perenne Ivory PorcelainPerenne Ivory Porcelain
Perenne Ivory Porcelain£64.84 / m2
Blake Limestone Porcelain TilesBlake Limestone Porcelain Tiles
Blake Limestone Porcelain Tiles£56.60 / m2
PLAIN AlabasterPLAIN Alabaster
PLAIN Alabaster£78.42 / m2
Fiori Terrazzo ZincFiori Terrazzo Zinc
Fiori Terrazzo Zinc£58.80 / m2
Perenne Ivory Terrazzo TilesPerenne Ivory Terrazzo Tiles
Perenne Ivory Terrazzo Tiles£69.99 / m2
Ravello Terrazzo BiancoRavello Terrazzo Bianco
Ravello Terrazzo Bianco£56.64 / m2
Mono Porcelain TilesMono Porcelain Tiles
Mono Porcelain Tiles£67.82 / m2
Riesling Wood Porcelain TilesRiesling Wood Porcelain Tiles
Riesling Wood Porcelain Tiles£69.83 / m2
PLAIN WhitesmokePLAIN Whitesmoke
PLAIN Whitesmoke£78.42 / m2
August White PorcelainAugust White Porcelain
August White Porcelain£53.60 / m2
Digby Limestone Porcelain TilesDigby Limestone Porcelain Tiles
Digby Limestone Porcelain Tiles£58.69 / m2
PLAIN Rose£78.42 / m2
Avion Fog Porcelain TilesAvion Fog Porcelain Tiles
Avion Fog Porcelain Tiles£49.80 / m2
Violet MarbleViolet Marble
Violet Marble£76.99 / m2
Canary Onyx PinkCanary Onyx Pink
Canary Onyx Pink£76.99 / m2
Fiori BlueFiori Blue
Fiori Blue£58.80 / m2
Trinity White Porcelain TilesTrinity White Porcelain Tiles
Trinity White Porcelain Tiles£49.80 / m2
PLAIN Berry£78.42 / m2
Lumiere Black Porcelain TilesLumiere Black Porcelain Tiles
Lumiere Black Porcelain Tiles£90.59 / m2
Fjord Mint Wall TilesFjord Mint Wall Tiles
Fjord Mint Wall Tiles£67.82 / m2
Avion Powder Porcelain TilesAvion Powder Porcelain Tiles
Avion Powder Porcelain Tiles£49.80 / m2
Opera Marble PorcelainOpera Marble Porcelain
Opera Marble Porcelain£76.99 / m2
Lumiere Azure Porcelain TilesLumiere Azure Porcelain Tiles
Lumiere Azure Porcelain Tiles£90.59 / m2
Lumiere Sepia Porcelain TilesLumiere Sepia Porcelain Tiles
Lumiere Sepia Porcelain Tiles£90.59 / m2
PLAIN White£78.42 / m2
PLAIN Light BerryPLAIN Light Berry
PLAIN Light Berry£78.42 / m2
Casa Terrazzo PorcelainCasa Terrazzo Porcelain
Casa Terrazzo Porcelain£51.45 / m2
Reed Noir Porcelain TilesReed Noir Porcelain Tiles
Reed Noir Porcelain Tiles£101.92 / m2
Eccitare Terrazzo BlueEccitare Terrazzo Blue
Eccitare Terrazzo Blue£76.44 / m2
Scilla TerrazzoScilla Terrazzo
Scilla Terrazzo£53.18 / m2
Fiori Blue TerrazzoFiori Blue Terrazzo
Fiori Blue Terrazzo£58.80 / m2
Eccitare Terrazzo RoseEccitare Terrazzo Rose
Eccitare Terrazzo Rose£80.84 / m2
Eccitare Terrazzo ZincEccitare Terrazzo Zinc
Eccitare Terrazzo Zinc£71.37 / m2
Prescott Herringbone Wood-EffectPrescott Herringbone Wood-Effect
Prescott Herringbone Wood-Effect£49.96 / m2
Reed Maple MilkyReed Maple Milky
Reed Maple Milky£99.25 / m2
Eccitare Terrazzo SilverEccitare Terrazzo Silver
Eccitare Terrazzo Silver£71.37 / m2
Windsor Grey PorcelainWindsor Grey Porcelain
Windsor Grey Porcelain£45.16 / m2
Sistine ONE Marble EffectSistine ONE Marble Effect
Sistine ONE Marble Effect£76.99 / m2
Sistine TWO Marble EffectSistine TWO Marble Effect
Sistine TWO Marble Effect£76.99 / m2
Feathers£293.64 / m2
Windsor Blue PorcelainWindsor Blue Porcelain
Windsor Blue Porcelain£45.16 / m2
Cole Stone IvoryCole Stone Ivory
Cole Stone Ivory£67.97 / m2
Riviera Gemstone PearlRiviera Gemstone Pearl
Riviera Gemstone Pearl£76.99 / m2
Fiennes Onyx EmeraldFiennes Onyx Emerald
Fiennes Onyx Emerald£76.99 / m2
Riviera Onyx OliveRiviera Onyx Olive
Riviera Onyx Olive£76.99 / m2
Riviera Gemstone RoseRiviera Gemstone Rose
Riviera Gemstone Rose£76.99 / m2
Riviera Gemstone VioletRiviera Gemstone Violet
Riviera Gemstone Violet£76.99 / m2
Sistine THREE Marble EffectSistine THREE Marble Effect
Sistine THREE Marble Effect£76.99 / m2
Persia Ivory Marble-EffectPersia Ivory Marble-Effect
Persia Ivory Marble-Effect£76.99 / m2
Celeste Marble Dark DecorCeleste Marble Dark Decor
Celeste Marble Dark Decor£76.99 / m2
Celeste Marble Grey DecorCeleste Marble Grey Decor
Celeste Marble Grey Decor£76.99 / m2
Brampton Marble PorcelainBrampton Marble Porcelain
Brampton Marble Porcelain£83.14 / m2
Persia Beige Marble-EffectPersia Beige Marble-Effect
Persia Beige Marble-Effect£76.99 / m2
Persia Blue Marble-EffectPersia Blue Marble-Effect
Persia Blue Marble-Effect£76.99 / m2
Liberty Green Marble TWOLiberty Green Marble TWO
Liberty Green Marble TWO£76.99 / m2
Liberty Green Marble ONELiberty Green Marble ONE
Liberty Green Marble ONE£76.99 / m2
Aura Marble ONEAura Marble ONE
Aura Marble ONE£76.99 / m2
Riviera Onyx PastelRiviera Onyx Pastel
Riviera Onyx Pastel£76.99 / m2
Riviera Cristalli SkyRiviera Cristalli Sky
Riviera Cristalli Sky£76.99 / m2
Riviera Onyx CurrantRiviera Onyx Currant
Riviera Onyx Currant£76.99 / m2
Riviera Onyx FrostRiviera Onyx Frost
Riviera Onyx Frost£76.99 / m2
Riviera Onyx NaturalRiviera Onyx Natural
Riviera Onyx Natural£76.99 / m2
Priory White PorcelainPriory White Porcelain
Priory White Porcelain£41.15 / m2
Varenna White TerrazzoVarenna White Terrazzo
Varenna White Terrazzo£71.37 / m2
Spoleto Terrazzo IvorySpoleto Terrazzo Ivory
Spoleto Terrazzo Ivory£71.37 / m2
Arielli TerrazzoArielli Terrazzo
Arielli Terrazzo£69.17 / m2
Eccitare Terrazzo BeigeEccitare Terrazzo Beige
Eccitare Terrazzo Beige£71.37 / m2
Ravello Terrazzo BlackRavello Terrazzo Black
Ravello Terrazzo Black£51.45 / m2
Spoleto Terrazzo WhiteSpoleto Terrazzo White
Spoleto Terrazzo White£71.37 / m2
Eccitare Terrazzo EarthEccitare Terrazzo Earth
Eccitare Terrazzo Earth£71.37 / m2
Fiori Terrazzo GreenFiori Terrazzo Green
Fiori Terrazzo Green£58.80 / m2
Ravello Terrazzo BeigeRavello Terrazzo Beige
Ravello Terrazzo Beige£64.23 / m2
Varenna Ivory TerrazzoVarenna Ivory Terrazzo
Varenna Ivory Terrazzo£71.37 / m2
Eccitare Terrazzo GreenEccitare Terrazzo Green
Eccitare Terrazzo Green£80.84 / m2
Ravello Terrazzo PolishedRavello Terrazzo Polished
Ravello Terrazzo Polished£89.04 / m2
Puglia Terrazzo EmeraldPuglia Terrazzo Emerald
Puglia Terrazzo Emerald£77.15 / m2
Ravello TerrazzoRavello Terrazzo
Ravello Terrazzo£51.45 / m2
Puglia Terrazzo IvoryPuglia Terrazzo Ivory
Puglia Terrazzo Ivory£77.15 / m2
Fiori PinkFiori Pink
Fiori Pink£58.80 / m2
Le Mans Ray WhiteLe Mans Ray White
Le Mans Ray White£33.98 / m2
Marseille Limestone PorcelainMarseille Limestone Porcelain
Marseille Limestone Porcelain£48.87 / m2

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