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Kitchen Porcelain Tiles

Breakfast prep, quick lunch, or dinner with family and friends will never be the same

Build a charming, inviting, and practical kitchen with our range of kitchen porcelain tiles. Discover Italian-made porcelain kitchen tiles from our handpicked, curated selection. All our kitchen porcelain tiles are easy to clean, resistant to staining

Pictured are our Avastone White stone-effect kitchen porcelain tiles to suit your kitchen.

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Cole Stone Ivory £52.45  /  m2
Marseille Limestone Porcelain £43.14  /  m2
Cole Stone Grey £52.45  /  m2
Brampton Marble Porcelain £73.38  /  m2
Crosby Stone Greige £52.45  /  m2
Crosby Stone Grey £50.35  /  m2
Avastone White Stone-Effect Porcelain £44.66  /  m2
August Ivory Porcelain £36.71  /  m2
Puglia Terrazzo Emerald £68.09  /  m2
Canary Onyx White £55.18  /  m2
Riviera Onyx Pastel £66.33  /  m2
Riviera Cristalli Sky £66.33  /  m2
Riviera Onyx Currant £66.33  /  m2
Riviera Onyx Frost £66.33  /  m2
Riviera Onyx Natural £66.33  /  m2
Riviera Gemstone Pearl £66.33  /  m2
Riviera Onyx Akoya £66.33  /  m2
Riviera Onyx Olive £66.33  /  m2
Riviera Gemstone Rose £66.33  /  m2
Riviera Gemstone Violet £66.33  /  m2
Sistine THREE Marble Effect £77.69  /  m2
Midnight Sky Marble-Effect £71.44  /  m2
Celeste Marble Dark £45.14  /  m2
Celeste Marble Dark Decor £45.14  /  m2
Celeste Marble Grey Decor £45.14  /  m2
Persia Ivory Marble-Effect £79.91  /  m2
Carrara Canon Gold Marble-Effect £37.78  /  m2
Persia Beige Marble-Effect £79.91  /  m2
Aura Marble TWO £79.91  /  m2
Persia Dark Marble-Effect £79.91  /  m2
Persia Blue Marble-Effect £79.91  /  m2
Liberty Green Marble TWO £64.58  /  m2
Liberty Green Marble ONE £64.58  /  m2
Aura Marble ONE £71.44  /  m2
Carrara Canon Marble-Effect £37.78  /  m2
Sistine ONE Marble Effect £77.69  /  m2
Celeste Marble Grey £45.14  /  m2
Sistine TWO Marble Effect £77.69  /  m2
Feathers £259.17  /  m2
Windsor Blue Porcelain £32.74  /  m2
Windsor Grey Porcelain £32.74  /  m2
Petals £76.35  /  m2
Cairo Metro Tiles £61.45  /  m2
Tripoli Metro Tiles £47.47  /  m2
Kano Metro Tiles Green £38.93  /  m2
Scilla Metro Tiles £34.63  /  m2
Dakar Trapezium Metro Tiles £54.13  /  m2
Monastic Beige Tumbled Porcelain £39.89  /  m2
Saint Stone White £40.48  /  m2
Ravello Terrazzo £47.99  /  m2
Eccitare Terrazzo Silver £68.24  /  m2
Ravenna Terrazzo Hexagon £47.62  /  m2
Scilla Terrazzo £46.94  /  m2
Fiori Blue Terrazzo £51.90  /  m2
Ravello Terrazzo Polished £78.59  /  m2
Eccitare Terrazzo Ivory £62.99  /  m2
Le Mans Ray Aqua £40.67  /  m2
Le Mans Ray White £40.67  /  m2
Convent Stone White Porcelain £33.81  /  m2
Le Mans Ray Indigo £40.67  /  m2
Fountains Cream £34.60  /  m2
August Whitesmoke Porcelain £36.71  /  m2
Priory White Porcelain £39.22  /  m2
August Greige Porcelain £36.71  /  m2
Varenna White Terrazzo £62.95  /  m2
Spoleto Terrazzo Ivory £65.99  /  m2
Eccitare Terrazzo White £62.99  /  m2
Varenna Grey Terrazzo £62.95  /  m2
Varenna Ivory Terrazzo £62.95  /  m2
Eccitare Terrazzo Beige £62.95  /  m2
Ravello Terrazzo Black £49.91  /  m2
Spoleto Terrazzo White £65.99  /  m2
Eccitare Terrazzo Green £67.46  /  m2
Ravello Terrazzo Beige £56.69  /  m2
Arielli Terrazzo £61.05  /  m2
Eccitare Terrazzo Earth £62.95  /  m2
Fiori Terrazzo Green £51.90  /  m2
Eccitare Terrazzo Rose £72.27  /  m2
Eccitare Terrazzo Zinc £68.24  /  m2
Puglia Terrazzo Ivory £68.09  /  m2
Fiori Pink £51.90  /  m2
Eccitare Terrazzo Blue £67.46  /  m2
Medi Terrazzo £49.99  /  m2

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Buy your Kitchen Porcelain Tiles with confidence

Do kitchen porcelain tiles require sealing?

Porcelain kitchen tiles do not require sealing as they are hardly absorbent.

With that said, the grout lines for kitchen porcelain tiles should be sealed. This can be done with FILA grout protector for porcelain tiles

What other items do I need for kitchen porcelain tiles?

We recommend Tilemaster, Fugabella, and Bostic grout and adhesive for kitchen porcelain tiles. Your builder can provide the levelling kit, spacers, and anti-crack mats. Enjoy money off when bought together with your kitchen porcelain tiles.

Adhesive is used for sticking the kitchen porcelain tiles to the floor and wall

Grout is used for the gaps between the kitchen porcelain tiles

Levelling kits are used to prevent lipping in kitchen porcelain tiles

Spacers are used to ensure all your kitchen porcelain tiles are evenly spaced

Anti-crack mats ensure your kitchen porcelain tiles do not crack when the substrate expands and contracts

Concrete boards might also be required for timber substrates but your builder will advise

Should I seal grout in kitchen porcelain tiles?

Grout lines between kitchen porcelain tiles are most likely to get dirty and stain so yes! Porcelain kitchen tiles do not normally require sealing because of their low absorbency rate but the grout lines (gaps between the kitchen porcelain tiles) need to be protected. Sealing the grout lines will protect them from permanent staining. FILA has specific grout sealer products that you can select when making your kitchen porcelain tile purchase

Are kitchen porcelain tiles slippery?

The slip resistance of kitchen porcelain tiles depends two factors; whether or not you are wearing shoes or barefoot, and if the kitchen porcelain tiles are wet or dry. We are assuming the tiles are laid flat and not on a slope!

Kitchen porcelain tiles are slip resistant when dry, barefoot or not, but please ask if you are unsure about your specific choice. To prevent slips on kitchen porcelain tiles please ensure all spills are wiped immediately. Kitchen porcelain tiles are normally a matt finish when porcelain or honed/tumbled when natural stone. Polished tiles are also sometimes used in kitchens but we would not recommend this considering the chances of the floor being wet.

Please do not hesitate to call, email, or chat with us if you need further information on slip ratings of your chosen kitchen porcelain tile

Are kitchen porcelain tiles durable?

Kitchen porcelain tiles are an investment for your home and are down for longer than most rooms so it’s important to ensure that you choose a high-quality, hardwearing kitchen porcelain tile. You want to rest assured that your kitchen cabinets and appliances are sitting on a strong, durable and high-quality surface. At Boutique Stone, this is something we are passionate about

Our handpicked, curated selection of porcelain kitchen porcelain tiles are made in Italy and Spain, the leaders in porcelain manufacturing tiles in Europe. This is a conscious decision based on our trust in the industry leaders in kitchen porcelain tile manufacturing. Please search “Ceramics of Italy” and “Tiles of Spain” for more information. Being made in Italy and Spain means that the kitchen porcelain tiles are made in state-of-the-art factories, and by companies heavily invested in using the highest quality of raw materials, and latest technologies. Italian tile design has been setting the trend for kitchen porcelain tiles design for decades

All our kitchen porcelain tiles are compatible with underfloor heating

Please do not hesitate to call, email, or chat with us if you need further information on durability of your chosen kitchen porcelain tile

Are kitchen porcelain tiles porous?

Kitchen porcelain tiles made from porcelain are not porous so do not require sealing. They have a low absorbency rate (<0.5%) You can easily perform a “water test” on your sample to see how long a drop of water lasts on the surface.

Please do not hesitate to call, email, or chat with us if you need further information on absorbency of your chosen kitchen porcelain tile

Which size is best for kitchen porcelain tiles?

Depending on the dimensions of your kitchen, the size of your kitchen porcelain tiles will contribute to the overall look of your kitchen. Common sense prevails, larger kitchens tend to look better with larger kitchen porcelain tiles to minimise grout lines. Example large sizes are 800x800, 600x1200, 600x900, 1200x1200 and slabs. These dimensions are in mm (millimetres)

Smaller kitchen floors/walls tend to look better with medium size tiles such as 600x600 and 600x400. Large kitchen porcelain tiles could also work as they can give the illusion of a bigger space. Please consult with your builder to check the practicalities of installing larger tiles in a small kitchen

Standard kitchen porcelain tile sizes range from 200x200, 400x400, 600x400, 600x600, 800x800, 600x900, and 600x1200. These dimensions are in mm (millimetres) Important – please check out our note on nominal kitchen floor tile sizes

Please do not hesitate to call, email, or chat with us if you need further information on available sizes of your chosen kitchen porcelain tile.

What is a good cleaner for kitchen porcelain tiles###

We recommend FILA Cleaner Pro for cleaning kitchen porcelain tiles

Dirt and stains on porcelain kitchen tiles are easy to clean when quickly attended to. Kitchen porcelain tiles should be cleaned routinely with FILA Cleaner Pro specially formulated for kitchen porcelain tiles

  1. Make sure the room is well ventilated to aid the drying process

  2. Use a microfibre mop to clean the tiled area. Dirt is most likely to accumulate in grout line and edges of the room so spend a bit more time there

  3. Use our FILA Cleaner Pro, specially formulated for tile surfaces — always read the label

  4. Mix the cleaning fluid and warm/hot water according to the proportions specified

  5. Read the directions on the label and test any product in a small area first before using on the entire surface.

  6. Rinsing is not required with FILA products but ensure you should wipe away the dirty cleaning residue with clean warm water.

Kitchen porcelain tiles are stain resistant, however stains can, and often do build up over time. Repeat steps 2-6 as required for any resistant stains

Please do not hesitate to call, email, or chat with us if you need further information on cleaning your chosen kitchen porcelain tiles.

Are your kitchen porcelain tiles in stock?

Yes, most of our kitchen porcelain tiles are in stock in the UK and ready to despatch to arrive with you in 2-3 days. When viewing the kitchen porcelain tiles on our website, you will see a delivery declaration showing when we can deliver by. For example it might say, “In stock del. by 10 April” meaning we have your kitchen porcelain tiles in stock in our warehouses and can deliver by the 10th of April

If your project is not quite ready, you can take advantage of our Pack & Hold service where you can reserve your kitchen porcelain tiles and then we will deliver later. This ensures that when you are ready, you are not at the mercy of the changing prices, batch changes, and stock availability due to world events, and import challenges.

You can select the Pack & Hold option at the checkout or over the phone.

Please do not hesitate to call, email, or chat with us if you need further information on availability and delivery timescales your chosen kitchen porcelain tiles.

Will my kitchen porcelain tiles look like the sample?

Your sample is an excellent guide for the general look, feel, finish, and thickness of your eventual kitchen porcelain tiles. With that said, we advise against using it as a guarantee of colour, veins, or fossils. Kitchen porcelain tile samples may not always show the full variation of a tile.

We advise a combination of looking at photos of the kitchen porcelain tile in other customer projects, artist impressions, and scanning the QR code behind the sample for a video demonstration.

The illustration shows a comparison between a sample and a full-size tile.

Please do not hesitate to call, email, or chat with us if you need further information on your chosen kitchen porcelain tile samples

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