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Handpicked curated collectons of luxury marble, limestone, travertine, and porcelain.

At Boutique Stone, we pride ourselves in sourcing the highest quality tiles from around the world and retailing them in the UK. Our ranges of handpicked curated collections of marble, limestone, travertine, and porcelain tiles are chosen because we would have them in our home.

We import directly from quarries and factories around the world Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, China, India, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Turkey and more. Our experience in importing tiles means we take care of all the transit risks, import fees, VAT, customs duty, and freight costs. We are happy to do this in order for you to concentrate on your project and not logistics.

Boutique Stone deliberately stock a select few ranges in each collection because of our confidence that we are supplying the best in that class. This deliberate choice helps us to learn more about the stone and concentrate on excellent customer service.

Our journey started with a bathroom renovation that went well – but could have been better! All we knew is we loved the look of the stone but had no idea what was needed to get from the pallet of tiles to “Bathrooms of Instagram.” So, we left everything to the tiler and hoped for the best. Later, we learnt about the tiling process and the details that set projects apart. We want this for you so that you get the best possible result.

We are passionate about ensuring that you, as the customer, are given all the information you need to make your project a success. We are a small family business and use our size to our advantage. You benefit in a personalised experience and our exceptional customer service.

We look forward to being of any help through your journey.

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Every room starts with Boutique Stone marble, limestone, travertine, or our high-quality Italian marble-effect porcelain and terrazzo. We can also source slate, granite, and other types on special request. Let’s take a look at what else contributes to the final picture.

Mosaics are great for create decorative, feature walls, borders, niches, or non-slip shower bases. They are also a lovely choice for breaking up sections.

Nothing beats warm feet on those chilly mornings. We exclusively sell Schluter, the leader in Underfloor Heating and waterproofing solutions from Germany; known by the distinctive orange colour mats and boards.

Your tiler needs Adhesive for sticking the tiles to walls and floors. We supply Tilemaster rapid-set for bigger tiles and standard set for smaller tiles. All our adhesives are flexible —perfect for underfloor heating.

After tiles are laid, Grout is needed for the gaps between the tiles. Our grout is epoxy meaning it will not let water seep through. Additionally, it is anti-bacterial to keep nasty mould away! We have a range of colours to suit your stone.

Silicone stops water seeping through the joints of walls and floors. It is flexible and anti-bacterial.

We exclusively stock Tilemaster adhesive, grout, and silicone because they are developed to complement each other

Regarding tile care, we supply Lithofin StainStop Sealer is to make the tiles waterproof, oilproof, and stainproof by sealing the tiles’ surface. It has a special quality called ‘impregnating’ which means it fills up the microscopic holes.

Depending on the quarry, some natural stone types are lighter in appearance, but their colour can be intensified ‘made warmer’ with Lithofin Colour Intensifier.

Our Stone Soap from Italian industry leader FILA is specially formulated to clean delicate natural stone surfaces.

Evidently, tiles and are just the beginning and we want you to know this before you start your project. Our recommended accessories that are tried and tested to work best for the perfect finish.

We are the UK’s leading tile specialist, rated as Excellent by our customers

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